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Gorche is a one-stop online hub that offers customers a digital magazine for a hassle-free choice of choosing what to buy. We rank and review products and services ranging from housing, technology, travel, and health. The team at Gorche comprises of highly professional individuals and tech enthusiasts who thoroughly monitor the market by analyzing the products and taking the insights from its creators. Gorche brings to you all the factors you consider before buying any product or service.

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Here is some information about the team behind Gorche.

Michael Ratt:

Michael is the content writer for our site as well as a quality analyst. He works mainly in research and intelligence side for gathering the information and organize it to meet the needs of the reader. Prior to Gorche, he was involved in writing short stories and screenplays. He has a master’s degree from the University of Central Missouri in CS.

Christopher Hayes:

Chris is our head of Web Development. He mainly involves in designing the webpages and technical aspects of the website. He was also a freelancer who worked for multiple startups for designing their webpages. His hobbies include photography and multimedia, Vlogging

Evelyn Stark:

Evelyn works for the team that takes care of in-person interviews and gathering insights from the product teams and companies. She deals with monitoring the market and product reviews. She’s studying marketing currently from university of St. Gallen, CH.